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Publisher:MiniTool Solution Ltd.
Platform:Windows 9x, 2000/XP, Vista, Windows 7
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Power Data Recovery Professional is a fast and powerful data recovery software program that will help you restore your data after lost due to accidental deletion, format, re-partitioning, system crash, or virus attack. Power data recovery is able to scan your device sector by sector to recover whatever left on your device.
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Product Highlights:
  • Recover data after accidental deletion, disk format or repartition, or virus attack.
  • Recover data from an inaccessible volume (logical drive).
  • Recover data after FAT corruption.
  • Recover data from a crashed physical device.
  • Recover data after an MBR corruption.
  • Recover data from a hard disk drive, camera card, USB drive, ZIP, or floppy disk.
  • Recover data for any error except physical damage.
  • Supports FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS (including compressed and encrypted files.)
  • Supports Dynamic Volumes including Simple Volumes, Spanned Volumes, Stripe Volumes, Mirror Volumes and RAID Volumes.
  • Supports RAW data recovery.
  • Built-in preview function and recovery resume features.
  • Very easy to use with the built-in Recovery Wizard.
What Users Say:

I accidentally deleted several files of pictures, and tried at least 12 different programs, none worked. Suffice it to say yours did. Thanks, it was amazing! -Doug, USA

Buy this product over a secure connection and save 5%
299.00 Only $284.05, Instant Delivery!
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Buy this product over a secure connection and save 5%
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