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Platform:Windows 9x, 2000/XP, Vista, Windows 7
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Virtual DJ Studio is a virtual mixing console for playing and crossfading MP3 and WAV files with support for VDJ, M3U, and PLS playlists, and automatic crossfading. Virtual DJ Studio lets you play Karaoke with multiple monitor support, mix MP3 files, use multiple sound cards, and adjust pitch and tempo on each file individually.
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Product Highlights:
  • A complete easy-to-use DJ studio with two file queues and advanced file navigator that lets you preview files without opening them.
  • Advanced Drag 'N Drop support lets you drag files from the file navigator, queue, any line in VDJ, or any other Windows program.
  • Complete with headphone support which lets you use an extra sound card for previewing a track.
  • Includes the SmartRandom feature to ensure songs are not repeated during shuffle play.
  • Comes with full Karaoke support.
  • Supports many third-party plugins (Compressor/Limiter, a Low-Pass Filter, Stereo Expansion, and more).
Buy this product over a secure connection and save 20%
34.95 Only $27.95, Instant Delivery!
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